A brief study of Symbolic Meaning in Contemporary astrology. *My thesis is to provide a brief exploration astrological thought, and to have you, my reader, glimpse something of the mindfulness of an be astrologer – at this time: *Perhaps a self awareness (not help) book for those who love to self reflect.
Stage 1: *The hermetic assumptions for those psychologically inclined *The celestial frame of symbolic meaning. *of Astrology and science as we’re told of it. *An aside on the magic of belief (have you bought the book already?) *Astrology and mindful expression *the modern use of Archetypes. *consciousness in Astrological terms. *About deeply inner and other-like outer consciousness. *The not real above, but essential sky within us, understandings. *the role & rule and roaming nature of the symbolic Sun *Earth and the improbable symbolic role of the moon *the Wandering symbolic stars and their apparent way in life. *the trans-Saturnian planetary symbols *A rationality of the planetary interactions.
Stage 2: *the art of holding this symbolic sky in place with the awareness of life and mythology. *the cross of ‘reality’ *the most essential points *Of form and meaning *focal harmonic patterns *a zodiac of obscure intention and the rulership of etherial kingdoms *then there is the ‘I’ and the complexity of formed story based personality Evolution A: *perhaps only your focal consciousness stands apart. *ways of change Evolution B: *why a natal chart is like a parallel universe. *sojourning in the skies of others and timed events *Evolution and psychic awareness *Finding constants perhaps marrying and birthing (re-birthing) them.
stage 3: *astrology fortified by imagination *the dangers of living others *all is essentially story *as are you. *the cross of astrological understanding
1. The neophyte
2. The journeyed
3. The one with a mastery
4. The AstroMagus
and how to flow around its course. *different directions or more, are always the same. *Symbols aren’t real: you are. They are a means to an end ‘the essential you.

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